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GETORIX: The Eagle and The Bull

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GETORIX: The Eagle and The Bull
Celtic adventure in ancient Rome
by Judith Geary
* Endorsed as an "Excellent Resource" by SREB and NCDPI
* ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards - finalist as Historical Fiction and YA Historical Fiction
* Book of the Year for YA Fiction from High Country Writers 

Getorix ("almost 15") has a last opportunity to gain his father’s regard and earn welcome into the Otherworld as a hero. He marches beside his father, a defeated Celtic leader, in the Roman triumph parade. Instead of a sacrifice at the Temple, as Getorix expects from his Celtic experience of honoring defeated enemies, Roman guards take them to a dark underground cell. Getorix's father is executed after charging Getorix to face his own death bravely before the Romans. Instead Getorix is taken to the home of a Roman general where he confronts Lucius, the general's son who spared his life. Lucius expects Getorix to be grateful and is puzzled by his continued rebellion.

     Getorix and Lucius.are both misfits in their societies. They are thrown together and -- through their debates and conflicts as well as their common interests -- develop a grudging understanding and regard for each other. Getorix continues to seek to fulfill his father's charge and to pray for guidance, but the gods and his father's spirit are silent.

     An accidental injury to Lucius forces Getorix to flee for his life into the streets of Rome. The Roman new year is coming and Getorix prays that his father's spirit will give him guidance as the doors between the worlds are open at the new year in Celtic myth. Lucius and Getorix meet again at the New Year's celebration at Jupiter’s Temple. Getorix saves Lucius from being trampled by a sacrificial bull. Lucius finally realizes that friendship requires equality. Getorix finds a way to honor his father's spirit and his charge to show courage before the Romans and to embrace his life and fate.
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