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Once Upon a Different Time

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Once Upon a Different Time

by Marian Coe

illustrations by Paul Zipperlin

Adventure "On Horseback" from Abingdon, VA to Asheville, NC in 1884

Charles Dudley Warner, a travel writer, has received an assignment for a horseback trip from the railroad head at Abingdon, VA through the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains to the "fashionable resort" of Asheville, NC. He is to be accompanied by "the professor" and a guide, Starney.  Warner's cousin, studying for the summer at Oxford, prevails on him to allow his fiancÚ Lily and her aunt Tess to join the party.

    Coe has taken excerpts from Warner's actual articles and woven a romantic adventure. She retained the places and names that will be recognized by modern readers.   

Awards & Endorsements for the Author:

dClark Cox Award for Fiction

from the NC Society of Historians

dBronze Medal for Historical Fiction Independent Publishers Awards (for Rachel’s Story)

dPublisher's Weekly

*Midwest Book Review

*Carolina Mountain Living

*Gary Cardin, Smoky Mountain News

*Lee Smith, author of On Agate Hill

*Joyce Dixon, Southern Scribe

Marian Coe’s experience as a journalist informs her fiction. Once Upon a Different Time is one in a series of novels that evoke a special time and place. Inspired, while researching another project, by the writings of Charles Dudley Warner, "On Horseback," published in the Atlantic Monthly of 1885, Coe enlisted her artist husband, Paul Zipperlin in bringing the adventure alive for the reader.

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