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Secret of the Lonely Grave

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Secret of the Lonely Grave
by Albert A. Bell, Jr.


*Evelyn Thurman Young Reader's Award

*Mom’s Choice Award – Silver Medal


Steve (a baseball freak) and Kendra (a sassy Sherlock Holmes wannabe) were friends before they knew they were not supposed to be.” They discover flowers on the lonely grave,” an isolated headstone in the corner of an old graveyard they pass walking home from the school bus. They quickly discover who put the flowers there, but his reasons raise more questions. Dirty tricks by a bully put the answers and their lives in danger.

     Their investigation literally tunnels through the history of Kentucky, the Civil War, slavery and the Underground Railroad and discovers secrets even their parents would prefer remain hidden.


Albert Bell is a literary renaissance man. His previously published works include: nonfiction, Resources in Ancient Philosophy (co-authored with James B. Allis) and Exploring the New Testament World; historical fiction, Daughter of Lazarus and All Roads Lead to Murder; and mysteries, The Secret of the Lonely Grave and Kill Her Again. His articles and stories have appeared in magazines and newspapers from Jack and Jill and True Experience to the Detroit Free Press and Christian Century.

Dr. Bell has taught at Hope College in Holland, Michigan since 1978, first with an appointment shared between classics and history; and, since 1994 as Professor of History and chair of the department. He holds a PhD from UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as an MA from Duke and an MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been married for 35 years to Bettye Jo Barnes Bell, a psychologist; they have four children.

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