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Windmaster's Bane

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Windmaster's Bane
by Tom Deitz
Book One in the celebrated series: The Adventures of David Sullivan
*Georgia Author of the Year Award for Young Adult Fiction
David Sullivan, a southern Appalachian teenager, reads about the gods of Irish myth and enjoys fantasies drawn from these stories. When a chance encounter with a funeral procession – viewed from an eccentric angle – gifts him with Second Sight, however, the reality of the world of Faerie proves as dangerous as it is fantastic. When David’s brother is stolen and his beloved uncle felled by Faery magic, David enlists friends Alec McLean and Liz Hughes as companions on the quest to save their lives. Readers will recognize the names and attributes of the gods of Celtic myth, with a light admixture of legends from the Cherokee and familiar superstition.
The cover image is from a painting by Val and Ron Lindahn, celebrated for cover art and fantasy illustrations.

--"Dietz writes with his usual intelligence, imagination, and skillful use of a regional setting." – Roland Green, Booklist

--"Vivid descriptions of Sidhe cruelty and strange shape-changing beasts, and it transmits a strong sense of the dread engendered by following the Crimson Road leading to, and perhaps away from, death." – Publishers Weekly

--"Fortuitous blend of fantasy and real-world adventure in a story that belongs in most fantasy collections." – Library Journal (for the Gryphon King)

E"Handles itself and its folklore with a keen understanding of old Irish and American myths" – Marcus Pan, Legends Magazine

--"Great young adult to adult fantasy about a sixteen-year-old boy in the mountains of Georgia and his two best friends." – Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

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