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The Secret of the Bradford House by Albert A. Bell, Jr
The Secret of the Bradford House will be published by Ingalls Publishing Group in 2010.


Albert A. Bell, Jr

is author of The Blood of Caesar, an adult historical chosen as one of five

Best Mysteries of 2008 by Library Journal

The Secret of the Bradford House

What is that light in the attic window of the spooky old Bradford House? Could it be a ghost? Hidden stairways and secrets from World War I draw Steve and Kendra into investigating the mysteries of this small town in Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes.

What they find is beyond any of their imaginings.

Praise for the series:

"Strong, thought-provoking read ... entertaining story that tackles controversial, difficult and painful topics in meaningful, age-appropriate ways." 3Rs Reading Den

"Entertaining mystery that even adults could enjoy ... while they learn, kids are treated to a great can’t-put-it-down mystery." MyShelf.com

"Gripping, powerful and genuine. ... pacing and engaging plot all while the author incorporates history, family values and new friendships formed. Bell’s characters are well defined and believable. ... interesting and entertaining read ... 4 plus stars." Armchairreviews.com

"Masterpiece for 9-11-year olds. The reader will not be able to set down this gripping and fast-paced tale ... As a parent, teacher and writer, I give this book an enthusiastic thumbs-up; it’s a must-read!" Karen Hoenecke, author of 30+ children’s books

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