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InfoTech Review

Getorix: The Eagle and the Bull

Geary, Judith. Getorix: The Eagle and the Bull. 278 p. $15.95 pap. Claystone/Ingalls, 2008 ISBN 978-1-932158-73-1 [6-12, FIC] Set in ancient Rome, this novel focuses on Getorix, a young captive Celt, who unexpectedly escapes the execution met by his father Claodicos. Lucius, the young Roman who asks to spare Getorix, thinks he is showing him mercy by bringing him home to live as a slave. Far from grateful, Getorix refuses to serve Lucius and continues to think of ways that he can die honorably and join his father in the Otherworld. While he is kept under lock and key for his defiant behavior, he develops a friendship with Keltus, a trusted slave in the house of Lutatius Catulus, and eventually with the young Lucius as well. Along with Getorix, readers discover some of the details of Roman Life in 101 BCE. The ingenuity of the water supply and sewer systems and the magnificence of the buildings contrast with the practices of animal sacrifice and dining on dormice. The different backgrounds and cultures of the two main characters offer interesting discussions on point-of-view. This novel by a North Carolina writer would make an excellent interdisciplinary unit for middle school. AUTHOR’S NOTES, BIBLIOGRAPHY, SELECTED MAPS, DIAGRAMS, AND ILLUSTRATIONS, GLOSSARY. [ELA, SS]

Keywords: ancient civilizations, historical fiction, North Carolina, North Carolina authors, Rome

Subject Areas: English Language Arts, Fiction, Social Studies

InfoTech Review

Getorix’s World

Horton, Sandra K. and Judith Geary. Getorix’s World. 98 p. $25. Claystone/Ingalls, 2008. ISBN 978-1-932158-28-1 [PROF, SS] This curriculum is designed to accompany Getorix: The Eagle and the Bull to facilitate the novel’s study for a class or literature circle. Part one contains synopses and study questions, both short answer and discussion, as well as activities using quotations and character monologues. Section two focuses more on the culture of Rome during that era of history and has activities related to dress, diet, and education. There is also a timeline and ideas for interdisciplinary study. This curriculum is also available in digital format on a CD-ROM, which includes a PowerPoint presentation introducing the novel and featuring color photographs of Roman ruins. This curriculum is an excellent resource for the social studies or English language arts class and is free with the order of a class set of 25 books (includes 1 hardback copy of the book). [ELA, MATH, SCI]

Keywords: ancient civilizations, historical fiction, North Carolina, North Carolina authors, novel guides, Rome

Subject Areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Professional, Science, Social Studies