Getorix books by Judith Geary

Judith Geary

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Judith Geary discovered her love of historical fiction in writing classes focused on speculative fiction. Tapping history for tips on world building, Geary was hooked by the real thing.

Her passion for the details of the daily life of the people of the ancient world is fed by her travels and shows in the veracity of the settings of her fiction and in the activities she generates for students.

In her other life, Geary teaches at Appalachian State University and is a free-lance fiction editor. She joined Bob and Barbara Ingalls in forming High Country Publishers in 2001, and still edits for Ingalls Publishing Group. Her background includes an M.A. in Counselor Education from George Peabody College and continued graduate work in writing, editing and literary criticism, as well as involvement in regional writers’ organizations including High Country Writers.

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For an interview with the author about her work:

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