Getorix books by Judith Geary

Dramatis Personae -- The characters of the novel Getorix: The Eagle and The Bull, by Judith Geary

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Dramatis Personae

(The  Main Characters)

Historical fiction blends actual people and historical detail from the past with fictional characters and a plot. With this book the reader enters the times of the Roman Republic. Historical figures are noted with an (H) and fictional characters with an (F). In all cases the names of the fictional characters are based on history or the naming customs of the time.


The Celts:

 The Romans would have referred to these peole as "Germans." However, they spoke a Celtic language and would likely have identified themselves with the rest of the Celtic peoples. In fact, one meaning of the word "German" is "Central Celt."

Boiorix: (F) The son of the leader, Boiorix (H) of  the confederacy of Celtic tribes that invaded Italy.

Claodicos: (H/F) Claodicos was the name of one of the Celtic leaders. However, we have no record of what happened to him or of who was executed at the triumph.

Getorix: (F)  Son of Claodicos, “almost fifteen winters.”

Senius:  (F)  A druid. The name means “wisdom.”

Starkaos:  (F)  A druid. Getorix’s foster father and teacher.

Teutobod: (H) The leader of the Teutone tribe.


The Romans:

Aurelia: (H) Wife of Gaius Julius Caesar and mother of the more famous Julius Caesar the dictator.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla: (H)Roman of a decayed aristocratic family. He served as questor to Marius for many years.

Gaius Julius Caesar: (H) Father of the more famous Julius Caesar the dictator. He was a legate, a senior military officer, to Marius in the Celtic campaigns.

Lucius: (F) Thirteen-year-old son of Catulus.

Quintus Lutatius Catulus: (H) Scholar and a gentleman. He was consul in 102 B.C.E. and was still acting as a general the following year (see proconsul.)

Quintus: (H) Catulus’ son, around twenty and studying in Greece.

Selia (Servilia): (H) Catulus’ wife, Lucius’ mother, mistress of the Lutatius household.

Gaius Marius: (H) This famed military leader broke precedent (and the Republican Roman Constitution) by standing for election as consul—and winning—seven times. 

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