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Sandra Horton, editor, curriculum consultant and designer

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Sandra Horton

Sandra K. Horton

Resource on gifted education, language arts, creative writing, and problem solving

  • 25 years experience in teaching, grades K-8
  • Instructor for Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Young Students Richmond Humanities Program, 1993-94
  • Co-instructor for Mary Baldwin College Master of Arts in Teaching: EDU 605 Integrated Approach to Language Arts, 1999-2003

A personal letter from Sandra Horton

Sandra Horton loves the challenge of learning. She thinks that students need to have experiences that take them beyond memorization to the application of what they have learned. These activities challenge students to apply what they have learned in dealing with the complex issues that surround them in today's world. They are asked to think and to make decisions.  To her, learning needs to be real and authentic, and students need to know that what they learn has meaning and importance in their lives.


Her background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education with endorsements in Early Education NK-4; Elementary Education 4-7; Middle Education 4-8; and Gifted Education.


Her training and experience include gifted education, language arts, literature, creative writing, law-related education, creative problem-solving, and technology.


Awards, honors and continuing professional development