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Members of the family: Your book manuscript is the child of your heart. When I take on a project to mentor (or "foster") that book becomes a member of my family as well. The books at right in the family portrait and books and authors listed below are many of the members of my extended literary family. You have my permission to contact any of these authors about my work.

Note that while I edit under my own name, I often design under the pseudonym Luci Mott.

Albert A. Bell, Jr.

*All Roads Lead to Murder (IPG 2002) - editing

*Blood of Caesar (IPG 2008)- editing & text design/typesetting

*Death Goes Dutch (IPG) - editing

*Perfect Game, Imperfect Lives (independent) - editing

*Secret of the Lonely Grave (IPG 2008) - editing

*Secret of the Bradford House (IPG 2010) - editing, cover design, book design

*Corpus Conundrum (IPG 2011) - editing, text design/typesetting, cover design

Harvard Ayers

Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land (Artic Gardens Press 2010) - editing & text design/typesetting

Donald A Berman, MD

*Mount Doomsday (IPG 2008) - editing

Maggie Bishop’s Appalachian Adventure Series

*Appalachian Paradise (IPG 2004) - editing

*Emeralds in the Snow (IPG 2005)  - editing & text design/typesetting

*Murder at Blue Falls (IPG 2007) - editing & text design/typesetting

*Perfect for Framing (IPG 2009) - editing

*One Shot Too Many (IPG 2011) - editing, text design/typesetting & cover design

"Editor Judy Geary has not only made my books better, but working with her has made me a better writer. We worked together on the text design to create the look I wanted. During the process, she is thorough and works in a timely manner. I am so thrilled with the results that I highly recommend her." – Maggie Bishop

Pearle Bishop

Cleo's Oak (Independent 2012) -

Skip Brooks

*Monteith's Mountains (IPG 2002 ) - editing

Lissa Brown

Family Secrets: Three Generations (Independent 2011) - book design 

Another F Word (Independent 2013) - book design 

Family of Choice (Independent 2015) - book design 

Michael K. Brown

*Promise of Silver (IPG 2014) -editing, cover design, book design

Steve Brown

The Pirate and the Belle (Chick Springs Press 2010) - veting of historical detail & research  (set in 1718)

Reed Bunzel

*Palmetto Blood (IPG 2013) editing, book design

*Carolina Heat (IPG 2015) editing, book design

Noyes Capehart

Devil’s Mark (Independent 2014) editing, book design

Ann Chamberlin, winner of the Critic's Choice Award for Outstanding Historical Fiction

*Gloria: The Merlin and The Saint (IPG 2006 ) - editing

"Credit goes first, with this volume of the Joan of Arc Tapestries, to Judy Geary, my editor ... who caught up the fallen banner with a cry of "Excelsior." Her long suffering, her patience, and most important, her constant faith, kept me going through some hard times." -- Ann Chamberlin  

Casey Clabough

*Confederado (IPG 2011) - editing, cover design, text design

Marian Coe, Women’s Fiction and Memoir

*Between Us - editing & text design/typesetting

*Once Upon a Different Time (IPG 2004) - editing & veting historical details

*Rachel’s Story: A Southern Girl in Pre-Civil War Boston (IPG 2006)- editing & veting historical details

Clark Cox

*Deadly Greed (IPG 2004)- editing

Susan Craft

*The Chamomile (IPG 2011) - editing, text design

Brad Crowther

*The Ninth Man (IPG 2011) - editing, text design

Tom Deitz, winner Georgia Author of the Year for Young Adult Fiction

*Windmaster’s Bane (IPG 2006)- editing of the updated collectors edition, typesetting

A.H. Felman

*Legend of the Feather Pillow (IPG 2004)- editing

"My special thanks to Judy Geary ... for her tireless effort to convert a raw manuscript into a novel." -- A. H. Felman, MD

Judith Geary

*Getorix: The Eagle and the Bull (IPG 2006) - author

*Getorix’s World: (IPG 2007) Curriculum to accompany the novel, Getorix: The Eagle and The Bull - author, - editing & text design/typesetting & cover design

*Getorix: Games of the Underworld (IPG 2011) - author, text and cover design

Gail E. Haley

*Madwomen of Meriweather (IPG 2015) editing, cover design, book design

High Country Writers (Anthologies of Members’ works)

High Country Headwaters, edited by Nora Percival (Independent 2012) – book design

High Country Headwaters II, edited by Anita Laymon (Independent 2014) – book design

Lila Hopkins, Christian Romantic Suspense

*Strike a Golden Chord (IPG 2004) - editing

*Weave Me a Song ( IPG 2007)- editing & text design/typesetting

*The Master Craftsman (IPG 20010) - editing & text design/typesetting

"The success of a book depends a lot on the working relationship between author and editor, and I am so grateful for the best editor in the world. I love and admire you, Judy!" -- Lila Hopkins

Cameron Judd, author of over 50 books, over 2 million in print, commentator for Movies in Time

*Boone: A Novel of an American Legend - editing of reissue

schuyler kaufman

*Dear Mouse ... (IPG 2002) - editing

Mike Manuel & Larry Timbs, Jr

*Fish Springs (IPG 2014) -editing, cover design, book design

Sharyn McCrumb, NY Times bestselling author of St. Dale and the Ballad Series

Once Around the Track - editorial reading

*Faster Pastor (IPG 2010) - editing, text design/ typesetting & cover design

"Judith Geary is the wise and wonderful fairy godmother that all new authors need to guide them through the maze of publishing. With her expertise in publishing and her superior editing skills, she will guide your book-in-progress to a happy ending." – Sharyn McCrumb

Birgitta McGalliard

Lives Divided (Independent 2014) – editing, text design/ typesetting & cover design

Pat Mettaini Mestern

*No Choice But Freedom - editing

*Magdalena’s Song - editing

"Judith Geary ... has done a stellar job of editing, keeping the project on track and bringing No Choice but Freedom to successful fruition." -- Pat Mettaini Mestern

Troy D. Nooe

*The Ocean Forest (IPG 2011) editing & book design

*Damn Yankee (IPG 2012) editing & book design

*Long-Legged Rosie (IPG 2015) editing & book design

Nora Lourie Percival

*Weather of the Heart: A Child’s Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia (IPG 2002)- editing

Silver Pages on the Lawn (independent 2006) - editing

Pell Mell: X Marks the Plot (independent 2008) - editing & text design/typesetting & cover design

Judith Geary has been my editor for all three of my published books and her services have been invaluable. In addition to precise editing, imaginative design ideas and ingenious problem-solving, she offers the writer infinite good will and wise professional advice. She is an editor to treasure." -- Nora Percival

Peter Petschauer

In the Face of Evil (Perspecktiven Presse 2014) editing, cover design, book design

Charles F. Price

*Where the Waterdogs Laughed (IPG 2007)- editing

Terry Roberts

*A Short Time to Stay Here (IPG 2012) editing, cover design, book design

Rose Senehi

*Pelican Watch (IPG 2008) – editing, book design

Paul Sinor

*Wrath of the Dixie Mafia (IPG 2015) editing, cover design, book design

Mark Terry

*Dirty Deeds (IPG 2003)- editing

Judy Elizabeth Jones Ward

Sarah’s Song: A Journey through Dark Ridge, Avery County, North Carolina - editing & text design/typesetting & cover design - published by M.R.S. J’s Books

"Thank you again for your guidance and professional skills in getting my book to print. I’m not sure I could have done it without you." – Judy Ward

Donna Akers Warmuth

*Plumb Full of History (IPG 2004)– editing

Clara Wisdom

What Lorna Knows (Independent 2013) editing, cover design, book design

Glenn Woods

*Essence: This child ghost wants to tell you her story (IPG 2004) - editing - editing

* published by Ingalls Publishing Group (work contracted by IPG)