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GETORIX: The Eagle and The Bull
Celtic adventure in ancient Rome
by Judith Geary



This site is currently set up with materials used at a teachers in-service program at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC on November 20, 2008. Whether you were sent a link to the site, or arrived here by some other pathway ... Welcome.

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Email the author at judithgeary@msn.com

Judith Geary presented this year at the following:
*North Carolina Middle School Association
*North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented
*Alabama Association for Gifted Children
*Virginia Association for Teachers of English
*The North Carolina School Library Media Association 
*An Southwest Education Alliance sponsored in-service at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC
*Other programs at schools and libraries are among those listed on the Events page of the author's main website.

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* Endorsed by the NCDPI (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction), SREB (Southern Regional Educational Board's Educational Technology Cooperative) & others. For the InfoTech review in its original context ...

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